The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Some of you may know me from other places but I am Lisa, From 🐳 DUMPY to 👑 DIVA, Head Coach for iTrackBites, WW 💜 PURPLE girl and whole food foodie from rural WV, making my way to losing 150lbs, 1 meal at a time.

I’m down about 50lbs so far. I follow a 90% whole foods lifestyle, due in no small part to a huge amount of autoimmune issues and food sensitivity. (No artificial sweeteners, sugar free, fat free or highly processed foods).

I eat a lot of seafood, beef and pork and an insane amount of fruit/veg. I have been following the Weight Watchers myWW Purple 💜 plan since before its official release and know it, all the older WW plans and iTrackBites, like the back of my hand.

Several years ago I began having many medical issues that until recently, we couldn’t explain. After ever poke, prod, test, scan and specialist we could think of, I finally met a doctor who told me about Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. This has definitely changed my life – it makes things a little trickier in some aspects of this adventure – but I work around it as best I can and am adapting things constantly as they change.

If you hear me mention being in a flare up or I can’t have a certain food – this is why.

I am active on other social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) but I thought a blog would be an easy way to keep everything together in one place . I look forward to meeting you all! See you soon!

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