GADGET GIRL EXTRA – BluSmart Food Saver w Digital Scale

My old Food Saver died a little while back – I tried replacing the seals and gaskets but it was an old, well used one when I bought it, so I knew I would have to replace it sometime. I searched around on Amazon and found this one – it is small, light, less noisy and seals really well so far. It came with bags and a roll, has an accessory hose for jar sealing and the scale was the deciding factor for me since I write the weights on the packages before I put them away anyway.

I packaged up chicken tenderloins, steak, snapper and crayfish and it handled all of them beautifully.

Blusmart Food Saver w DIGITAL Scale

100x Quart Bags
100x Pint Bags
200x Quart Bags

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