She’s Making a Comeback

I’m not sure if anyone here follows my “Whole Food Wellness Adventure” but usually I post my daily meals, food finds, subscription box stuff etc most everyday even if most of the time I feel like I’m talking to myself… 🤣

This last month, I have been unwell (bad, bad autoimmune issues + what was probably an odd form of COVID) for almost a month. This week is the first week I have felt somewhat human…

I am planning, if all goes okay and I continue to feel okay, on getting back to posting from the first.

Sara and I are also planning on starting an additional weekly live meeting on my Facebook Group. [This will be in addition to the official one ITrackBites hosts on Tuesday nights (tonight) at 7.30 Central on the ITrackBites official Facebook page]

If you need me, or want to join me on this crazy ride – I’m available all over the place…

From 🐳 Dumpy to 👑 Diva
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I love hearing from you guys… Please don’t hesitate – seriously…

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