PREP DAY – Beef Bone Broth and Chicken & Herb Stocks

βœ… Beef Bone Broth / Herb Stock
Adapted from this recipe:

β–ͺ️3lbs Beef Bones from the butcher
β–ͺ️Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley & Sage (to taste)
β–ͺ️6 Cloves Garlic
β–ͺ️Salt / Peppercorns to taste
6Q Instant Pot filled to about 1in below Fill Line

βœ… Chicken Gizzard / @thespicehunters Turkey Brine Herb Stock
The grocer was out of whole fryers and didn’t have any necks, back or bones so I tried something different – a pack of gizzards! It worked out well actually…

β–ͺ️1pk Chicken Gizzards (rinsed but not trimmed)
β–ͺ️Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Cilantro, Parsley
β–ͺ️3 Cloves Garlic
β–ͺ️2tbsp The Spice Hunters Original Turkey Brining Seasoning
6Q Instant Pot filled to half Fill Line


Cooked in @instantpotofficial 6Q Instant Pot
SOUP/BROTH MODE – Low Pressure – 2hr – Natural Release

Bone Broth – strain and refrigerate overnight. Skim the fat cap that develops, restrain and store.
Chicken Stock – strain, let cool to room temperature and store.

Instant Pot Duo 6Q
Instant Pot Accessories Pack

Glass Bottles (refrigerator use)

Repurposed Water Bottles (freezer)

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