I have decided to do a “Just Eat June” 30 day Intuitive Eating challenge for myself next month. I started mindful eating with Simply Filling and Core when I first started WW in 2005 and at least once a year I like to revisit the idea… Last year I did this in July so it’s been about a year… (This can be a great way to try something like the Mediterranean Diet if you need to)

For me – this is what my personal challenge will look like – if you want to join in, just decide what you want to work on:

🍱 No weighing, measuring, tracking foods… This is to see if my portion estimations are still in line… I have a pretty good eye… I can guess the weight and measure on things within a small margin of error about 90% of the time, especially on items I eat regularly.

Because my meds make me nauseated that means often I am eating just to hit my calorie goal, not because I’m actually hungry. This means on some days for this challenge I may only eat once + a fruit… And that’s okay…it is also a good body reset for my histamine and Mast Cell.

Because I am not tracking Bites, I found last year I ate slightly differently on a few things that were higher penalty points on Better Balance, usually in disproportionate rates to their calories.

As an example – because of my autoimmune issues – I can’t eat sugar free foods. I am doing the Purple modification of Better Balance and I get 18pts a day.

If I wanted a flavored yogurt, like Yoplait, I would have to have the full fat normal one at 8pts/each.

If I had 2 yogurts that are 150cal/8 bites each, I would just about be out of bites but used only 300 calories for the day. They just don’t line up.

There aren’t many things but there are no restrictions on foods or food groups (other than my medical ones) for this challenge so if I want to eat 10 crackers or 2oz cheese – I will 😁

I haven’t decided what I want to do here. I currently weigh in 2x day tracking inflammation issues and record once a week on #fearlessfridays – I will likely just continue that.

Now I will preface all this by saying – I took an entire year to learn this, to truly change my relationship with food, to make it a lifestyle choice and not a restricted diet experience. I have done this successfully (lost and maintained 102lbs off) before my health went all wonky…

Intuitively eating isn’t for everyone but if anyone wants to join me or just want to chat about it, I’m here! 😊

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