💫 30 Days of INTUITIVE EATING – DAY 10

Just Eat June – 30 Days of Intuitive Eating

[No Tracking/Calories/Measuring]

DAY 10
Not feeling a whole lot better today in general. I skipped cooking for Sandy today and spent most of the day in bed… I made sure she was okay, she has leftovers and just in case this is some kind of fun cooties, I don’t want to spread the love.

While I was in town yesterday I had stopped at my local Mexican place and got Carnitas to go but didn’t feel like eating. I wasn’t really feeling like eating today either, but I only have a 24hr window for leftovers due to histamine buildup, so I ate them today anyway.

I managed about 1/3 of it for brunch and finished the rest over the course of the day.

I’m not sure what’s got me feeling so rough – a combination of the stormy weather and general autoimmune blahs I guess.

I see my doctor next week for the first face to face visit in awhile and hopefully she has some suggestions on my increased symptomolgy…

I have errands to do in town tomorrow but I’m still feeling rough so it will be as short of a trip as possible.

Hopefully I am back to a bit more normal soon…


Part of Pork Carnitas


Part of Pork Carnitas






▪️ No tracking, weighing, measuring foods
▪️ Eat when actually hungry (no eating just to meet caloric target)

▪️ Eat as I normally would (whole food focus) allowing for additional things I may not usually pay the points for out of principle 😁

▪️ Make first meal of the day the largest (in case I don’t feel like eating in the evening)

▪️ Prep salad toppings for ease of putting together a Superfood Salad + protein for dinner 5 nights / week

▪️ Continue to weigh daily to track inflammation and record on #fearlessfridays

▪️ Check, check and double check all food labels before using any packaged products including raw meats and frozen vegetables

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