💫 30 Days of INTUITIVE EATING – DAY 13

Just Eat June – 30 Days of Intuitive Eating

[No Tracking/Calories/Measuring]

DAY 13
Today started off well then fizzled out. I woke up hurting a bit so I should have known a storm was coming… I was all good for the first little bit.

I love a cleaned and reorganized fridge. Last week I dropped my jar of homemade pickled onions and got sticky pink pickle juice everywhere… In the fridge, down the fridge front, on the floor, all over me… I wiped it up but hadn’t deep cleaned the shelves until today.

Yes, I know most people don’t keep tomatoes refrigerated but I don’t like them room temperature, they ripen slower and I just prefer them, like my bananas, cold.

Sorted out my salad prep, checked expiry dates, rotated dairy to be sure I was using it in the right order, reevaluated new products and set aside anything I tried and didn’t like to donate to family, cleaned out my freezer and double checked ingredients for this week’s meals…

I got my Misfits Market and Home Chef boxes all put away… This next week I have my first trial boxes from Blue Apron and Gobble arriving…

Blue Apron

I am a satisfied little chef… 👩🏻‍🍳

Then I started in the pantry room. I live in a little old farmhouse with no pantry, no drawers, no countertops in the kitchen so I am turning the extra bedroom off the kitchen into a walk in kitchen extension. This beast of a fridge lives there as does my Zombie Apocalypse pantry. If we ever have to bunker down for awhile… You can come stay at my place… I have plenty!

My new lawn guy is coming on Tuesday and he is going to help me get things I haven’t been able to sort out myself taken to the landfill. Once this is done, I can finish lining the pantry shelves, reorganize the food items, clean and restart my AeroGardens (mostly herbs), get my Hydroponic Lettuces restarted in their frames and get the appliances I am taking to give my friend in NC all packed and organized…

I did the fridge and then brunch.

Worked on some of the other stuff, did some iTrackBites work and before I knew it – it was 9PM. A big, albeit brief, thunderstorm rolled through explaining why I was hurting…

I still wasn’t feeling like eating but by 11PM, I figured I should try. I made a beautiful salad and cooked a chicken breast but…….. Meh……. I just didn’t want dinner.

When I was putting grapes in my salad I figured, yeah I want some grapes…

I ended up eating a handful of those and 1 sourdough pretzel and I’m done… Chicken and salad for lunch tomorrow…


Tuna in Water
Whole Wheat Bun
Chosen Foods Original Mayo
Whole Grain Dijon Mustard
Mini Peppers
Green Onions
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Sweet Potato
Garlic, Parmesan & Basil Butter


Green Seedless Grapes
Sourdough Pretzel x1




(bounce back gain I knew was coming once I started eating again – let’s see if we can keep it to a minimum)


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