Things have gotten a little complicated here this week…okay… A lot more complicated…

I had a doctors appointment on Monday, seeing the doc for the first time in like 6 months. Ever since I got sick in March/April, things have not been right. Not that they are ever right, right with me… But this has been different.

Without boring you with all the details, well except Sara Anne who has had to listen to me… the short version is I have had an increase in frequency / intensity in many of my symptoms, many more non food triggered flare ups, spreading numbness/spasms in my hands which is now spreading into my palms and forearms and my feet…. Good gosh… It has been so bad at times this month that my cane wasn’t enough and I actually broke down and ordered a walker.

Plus I am having big flares… I lost big last week because I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t eating but then this week between the weather, stress and my body just having a tantrum – on Tuesday I had a +17lb inflammatory poof which I am still carrying most of. Given how upset/anxious I was at my appointment (ugly crying in her office), it’s not surprising…

Anyway we did bloodwork and the results are pretty much what I expected – sadly nothing conclusive, nothing pointing to a new avenue to go down and nothing showing improvement…things that have been wrong for years are still wrong….

She ran thyroid and parathyroid panels – still normal
She ran a Lyme and Rheumatoid Arthritis panel – still negative

My uric acid levels are too high which coincides with gout – which may be part of the feet issue except there is no swelling, no redness, no joint pain – just a constant hot poker burning, pain in especially the balls and arches of my feet… But she wants me to do a Gout Diet (low purine) anyway.
NORMAL LEVEL – 2.6-6.2
MINE – 11.4

Then, amongst other things, my Potassium/Calcium are too high so she wants me to do a Low Potassium diet.

Do you see where this is already getting tricky?

Then my Insulin Resistance is going haywire. Insulin Resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver don’t respond well to insulin and can’t use glucose from your blood for energy. To make up for it, your pancreas makes more insulin. This affects my blood pressure, is why my cholesterol won’t come down and while it isn’t the same as diabetes (my glucose levels are normal), it can lead to T2 Diabetes among other things… So then we have the Insulin Resistance diet guidelines.
MINE – 77.1
MINE – 15.0

She is referring me for an endocrinologist appt.

This is on top of my current attempts to balance my Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell needs and restrictions. Add to that the only having one working kidney and things get more complicated with the uric acid and insulin issues…

The problem is – many of these diets are directly opposed to one another. What I need to avoid on one is recommended on another. What is safe for one will create a reaction on another…. And so on and so on, round and round…

We reran my IgG panel (92 food sensitivity test) – I have had this done twice before with very similar results…
MY REACTIONS – 71 of the 92 items
AVERAGE SCORE 6.5-8.4, many 11-16
HIGHEST SCORE 72.5 (Egg, Whole – I have found through my own testing it is an issue with the white)

I have just ordered a test that does 900 food and common allergens as well as metals, gut biome results (bacterial overgrowth), vitamin and mineral deficiency, hormone imbalance and more through sending them a hair sample. It will be interesting to see how in line these are…

I tried to make a chart balancing some form of sensible compromise but the things I need to eat to control my histamine intolerance are many of the foods that elevated my potassium… Many super healthy whole fruit and veg are high in potassium… Low potassium and gout lists are very different in many ways…well they all are….

This is just all a bit much even for me… I’m struggling a bit this week…

I like having a plan – a clear cut, achievable, makes sense to my logical brain and my Foodie side…

But the above mentioned issues are only part of the problem… There are other bits that I have to consider and nothing lines up. It is 3am and I am pretty much flailing…my feet and legs are on fire and it’s just getting a little overwhelming…

I have no plan…
I have no idea how to balance this and I love making things like this work… Except this doesn’t work… At all….
I don’t know what to do…

So please bear with me over the next few weeks while I try to get my head around how in the world to do this. She wants me to do this for a month and we will retest. She wants to recheck on a few other things next week (redo blood work but I can tell her the elevated white count isn’t going to come down – it’s been elevated like that for years)…

I have no idea what my eating will look like and I will be lucky to not have a staggering series of gains… My body hates new meds and changes to my diet and usually launches an all out attack against these new invaders – creating major flare ups… This is most likely not going to be a very pleasant month.

I’m not really looking for answers… I have hours and hours of research done, books and articles read, seen countless doctors – there just isn’t a solution right now…

Some of you have been on this rickety roller-coaster of a ride with me for a long time… I guess I just wanted to fill you in before things get weird… Well weirder… Thank you for all your support and wonderfully kind thoughts.

I’m okay… Just feeling a bit like a fish out of water here… I’ll figure it out… Just be gentle with me while I do. ❀️

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