My temporary medical restrictions are, for the most part, all done now and I can go back to my standard #eattherainbow #wholefoods style of eating. This is great.

Incorporating the changes I still need to make and rearranging my medication and supplements, I decided to go back to tracking on the old WW Core Plan as that is what most closely aligns to the changes I need to maintain.

So for now anyway – I will be tracking on and following the old CORE Plan which has a huge 0pt food list and is the plan I did so well on originally…

Today was weigh in, so new week starts now – let’s just jump right back in…


I don’t know if anyone wants to try out the old CORE Plan – think WW Purple on steroids basically – but I am updating the Albums and getting things together for some August Challenges over in my Facebook group.

WW CORE (Turnaround / Momentum) Followers

If you haven’t heard of it – the super basic idea is this:
👉🏼 A huge (and I mean huge) food list of 0 foods to eat from
👉🏼 No Daily Bites/Points
👉🏼 35 Weeklies (tracking foods not on the list on Conquer Cravings)

The printable version of this is in the CORE group along with tons of other resources and tutorials.

If you –
▪️ Need a change from traditional plans
▪️ Want to track less
▪️ Enjoy the largest 0 food list ever on WW
▪️ Need a diet plan for medical issues like Diabetes, PCOS, Hasimotos, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease
▪️ Want to eat mainly from home (you don’t get a lot of points for eating out or pre-packaged foods)

If you have any questions, let me know…

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