Yesterday (Sun) we had a big storm precipitated by Hurricane Fred come over. The barometric pressure change created a huge flare up. I knew this weigh in was going to be a doozy.

This is this mornings radar…

Last week I weighed 249.6…

Yesterday I woke up hurting terribly and knew it was going to be a rough day.
Morning weigh in – 256.0 (+6.4lbs)

But it wasn’t finished…
4 hrs later – 260.2 (+10.6lbs)

3hrs after that, I was still flaring
266.6 (+17lbs in total)

+17lbs of inflammation – every muscle in my body on fire and screaming at me, stretched to its limit, my organs swollen, stabbing headache, my BP and heart rate super elevated trying to keep up with the increased demand for blood supply – just walking to the bathroom one room over was a major effort… And all of this because of a weather change which I have no control over…

I went to bed by 8pm. I couldn’t do anything else. And sadly, this is my life all too often for right now. This happens multiple times a month, sometimes multiple times a week.

Today, I woke up at 3am and took some more meds. I reweighed again at 6.30 (I track my weight 4-5x a day during bad flares to see what’s happening) – I was 261.6 so down 5lbs from last night but still up +12lbs.

Something has to change – this year has been super rough… I went back over my weigh ins since Jan and whew!

Weight loss isn’t easy for any of us… My challenges may be different to other people but we all have something that brought us to this place, something we struggle with… Food obsession, disordered thinking, lack of time, lack of support, finances, medical issues, psychological issues – your reasons are all just as valid as anyone else’s.

You are not alone.

We may not all be trying to steer the same ship – but we are all adrift on the same sea and storms challenge us all…

We are here, together, throwing each other a lifeline. Grab it, stabilize yourself and extend it to someone else. We are all just doing the best we can with what we have.

And it’s enough…
You are enough…
You are doing enough…
And if you feel you aren’t, but you could be, we are here to help when you’re ready…

Stay the course… We’ll get there in the end. The time is going to pass anyway… Where you are in 6 months, a year, 5 years… That’s up to you. You can be where you are now and that’s okay. You can feel like you’ve gone backwards, and that’s okay too. Or you can have chipped away at and made some forward progress, no matter how slow and minor it feels, and that’s okay as well.

None of us are going to get out of this alive so what you do with the time you have is important… It matters… Don’t spend half your life being miserable chasing some number on the scale.

I’m not saying don’t care about your weight or try to improve your health… But there is a big difference in doing those things in a way that allows you to adopt an enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle vs a diet that makes you miserable and once you stop, which you will, makes you do it all over again on repeat, time and time again, because it was unsustainable.


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