🌸 12 WEEK WONDERLAND PLAN – Week 1 / Day 4

WEEK 1 – DAY 4 [Potato / Rice Reset]
Sorry guys – It is going to be boring for a few more days πŸ˜‚

🎬 All the details of the days ingredients, tips, tricks, how tos and the occasional cute doggie are in my daily video…πŸΆπŸ›’πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³


@misfitsmarket Purple Sweet Potato – 8oz
@krogerco Red Potato – 5oz
@assi Coarse Sea Salt
✳️ Calories: 389


Today I confirmed one of my theories.

Potato, sweet potato and yam are all 0️⃣ on the histamine reaction charts for most people but I felt like the last time I had Purple Sweet Potato I had a mild reaction… Feet / hands mainly. Normal potato… Fine…

Did you know potatoes and sweet potatoes are not from the same family? I didn’t!

So I didn’t have any purples yesterday.

Today I did – no weather or meds that should be an issue so I ruled that out. A few tablespoons into lunch – my feet started tingling… Finished lunch and 90 min later both feet and hands are bothering me.

Then I started thinking about yesterday and I had my POTS episode a bit after eating purple rice. Hmmmmmm….

So what if it is an issue with the anthocyanin (which makes food purple? I’d need to test purple carrots and purple cabbage and retest purple rice for more info there but it’s a possibility.

It’s beneficial to most people…

I hope it’s not all purple foods but purple sweet potatoes / Asian purple yams have to get a 2️⃣. Definitely not 0️⃣ for me… Maybe that’s part of why I’m still poofed and hurting…

If nothing else this 12 weeks will be a good check in on everything…especially to see what’s changed…

The other possibility is something called oxalates. Many healthy foods are high in them. They create little crystal shards that build up in the muscle/joint tissue which could be mistaken for Gout and stir up Fibromyalgia symptoms. They also apparently create burning feet which is a huge issue for me. I’m just starting to research this as I have never paid attention to that part before but it definitely warrants further investigation.

I will test everything individually as I go but it’s something to consider…

I also unboxed my Misfit Market order…I ordered before deciding to do this 12 Week plan so some of this I can’t use for awhile yet.


@misfitsmarket Russet Potatoes – 12oz
@himalayansfinest Pink Himalayan Salt
✳️ Calories: 309

πŸ”² Cooked in:
@crownful 32Q Air Fryer Oven
Preheated – Middle Rack – did not turn/flip
375Β° for 20min on silicone baking sheet
**Times will vary depending on your type of fryer, how much you’re cooking, how thickly cut the pieces are…

♨️ 32Q Air Fryer Oven / Dehydrator ♨️


12 Weeks of trying something completely different to help heal and reduce the effects of 6 months of Mast Cell disorder flare ups.

WEEK 1 – Potato/Rice Reset – only potatoes (all types), rice (all types), pink/sea salt, natural sugar and water are allowed. Provides super bland food to reset gut and inflammation markers. Boring but recommended…

πŸ’ Tracking – Calories only – Calorie Command

🍽️ 4 salad plate meals (no regular big plates, no OMAD [one meal a day] ) – smaller meals to reduce the amount of histamine triggers consumed at one time and limit reactivity during the reintroduction trial phases.


If you aren’t familiar with my situation, basically I live with several autoimmune issues… an “inflammatory overstimulation response” brought on by my basic blood cells thinking they are Spartan Warriors and attacking everything in sight.





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