🌺 12 WEEK WELLNESS RESET – Phase 4 / Day 4 – Lvl 2 Food Reintroductions

Very short note today… I spent the day out in town with my favorite cousin running errands and catching up.

We had Sushi from my favorite restaurant – Shoguns.

I had…
Pink Lady Roll
Purple Rain Roll (it used to come with purple rice)
1 of her Tempura Shrimp
Bowl of Clear Soup
Ginger/Soy Sauce

It was delicious and we ate kinda late so that was all I wanted. I precalculated everything and knew exactly what I wanted and worked it into my day…

I stopped at Kroger on the way home and got a few things and am here at home now for the foreseeable future… 😊

I did a little weigh in catch up video while driving out to meet her… I don’t film in the car so it’s a bit of a mess but if you want it…

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