🐸 Starting Weight: 298.8lbs
🦋 Current Weight: 262.8lbs
🦄 This Week: +13.6lbs

#fearlessfridays are back!

Rough, rough week weather wise – big, beautiful storms 🌧️☔🌧️ came over – which I personally love but boy, my body does not!

I poofed up big time… My hands and feet swelled something fierce, my eyes swelled, my BP went up from all my muscles and organs swelling, my breathing is rough (pressure on my lungs from all the swelling)… It is all kinds of fun.

I knew I was going to be up – I was up about +13lbs the day before weigh in so I wasn’t surprised… It will start to go down now that the storms have gone…

Food wise, I had very little reactions this week – it was all pretty good. Although, there were several days that I just didn’t feel well and didn’t eat much… Part of the habit I am trying very hard to overcome.

New week – new Phase of my 12 Week Wellness Reset. This is the final Phase which covers Weeks 7-12…

Still testing and reintroducing foods and working on a finalized elimination list.

Nothing to change just week – just have to work through the inflammation…


🏆 NEXT MINI GOAL: 248.8lbs [-50lbs]
🎯 NEXT MILESTONE GOALS: 223.8lbs [-75lbs]
🌏 NON SCALE GOAL: Fit in the Hoodie I bought for New Zealand

Goal 1: 273.8lbs (-25lbs) 🏆
Goal 2: 248.8lbs (-50lbs)
Goal 3: 223.8lbs (-75lbs)
Goal 4: 198.8lbs (-100lbs + Onderland!)
Goal 5: 173.8lbs (-125lbs )
Goal 6: 148.8lbs (-150lbs)
Plan: Currently tracking in ℹ️ iTrackBites on Calorie Command


If you aren’t familiar with my situation, basically I live with several autoimmune issues… an “inflammatory overstimulation response” brought on by my basic blood cells thinking they are Spartan Warriors and attacking everything in sight.

[Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or MCAS is my main issue but also fun things like Fibromyalgia, POTS, Histamine Intolerance, Insulin Resistance and on and on… ]

My weight fluctuations are not water weight, not sodium retention and the gains do not go away until the cells calm down and the actual muscle inflammation decreases.

When a flare happens, everything swells – my eyes, my hands/feet, my actual muscle tissue and organs … I can, and do, put on up to 20lbs in a bad flare and this can take 3-4 weeks to lose again.

Foods, chemicals, weather changes, environmental elements… literally, sometimes just existing, fires them up. Some things I can control and otherwise it is a #justkeepswimming kinda life.



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