Rollout for the US is November 8th, 2021

The new WW program has started rollout in Australia/NZ and here is a sneak peek at some of the details. November 8th is the app changeover date for the US at the moment.

As last time, there may be some slight changes to the US version but this will give curious minds somewhere to start.

WW Australia site here

Info on the new Zero Food lists here

The 3 colored plans (Green, Blue, Purple) are gone and you will have a single personalized version of the new plan – including a customized 0️⃣ pt food list – for each person.

You will take a detailed questionnaire which will assign you your basic daily points, weeklies and activity goals. Then you customize this by choosing what foods you want to count as 0️⃣ on your new plan.

The list you choose those foods from is the WW Purple list + now Avocado. This means you can choose from your proteins, potatoes, colored rice, oats, fruits, veggies etc as well the newly added avocado/guacamole.

DAILY points are assigned based on how large your 0️⃣ pt list is. Choose less foods as 0️⃣, get more daily points. Choose more foods as 0️⃣, get less daily points.

Points will be calculated using more of the nutrition label:

Unsaturated fats
which lowers points

Added sugar
Saturated fats
which increase points

So essentially a more complicated equation of their original Calories + Fat + Fiber version in Turnaround / Momentum and somewhat similar to the old CORE Plan. Total carbohydrates are not considered in the equation.

As you can see, since you will be able to create your own list of 0️⃣ foods which will be unique to you – there will be no standard food list and recipes will have to be calculated individually.

Cookbooks will now contain a scanable QR code which will take you into the app and customize the score for you based on your 0️⃣ pt food choices. If you do not have the WW app, you will need to do it all by hand.

EXTRA POINTS are earned daily by:
Adding exercise
Eating non starchy vegetables
Drinking water

To earn extra daily points credit, they now recommend you track all veggies (including basic non starchy ones). There are still weeklies and FitPoints which will be calculated on an individual basis based on your intensity and “metabolic rate”

They are increasing their digitally offered options such as digital meetings, workouts, reference videos and many subscription options include unlimited digital meetings. Monthly subscriptions range from $30-$40US.

There is currently a clinical trial underway on incorporating a diabetic aspect and it is rumored to be being added in 2022 as a separate feature, similar to Kurbo (the children’s WW app)

Current Clinical Trial

Previous studies

So what about iTrackBites – will I have to change my plan?

Nope! You will not lose your plan options and you can still track plans going back to the 90s from the old Momentum and PointsPlus plans to continuing on the current colored plans.

There are currently no plans to add a similar option to this upcoming change into iTrackBites.

Well there you have it!

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