🧊 FREEZER MEAL PREP 🧊 – 8 servings
Based on and adapted from:
[Recipe contains instructions for Instant Pot + Slow Cooker + Stovetop]

I used:
[ items with a ( *) indicate a packaged product – full ingredient information attached ]
β–ͺ️ Ground Beef (85%) – you could use extra lean ground beef, chicken or turkey to save calories or points
β–ͺ️ Bare Bones Beef Broth Mix* – you can use any broth or stock
β–ͺ️ Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes*
β–ͺ️ Tomato Roasted Red Pepper Soup* – used to replace the extra can of Diced Tomatoes
β–ͺ️ Tomato Paste*
β–ͺ️ Black Beans*
β–ͺ️ Red Kidney Beans*
β–ͺ️ Whole Kernel Corn
β–ͺ️ Mushrooms
β–ͺ️ Red Onion
β–ͺ️ Grape Tomatoes
β–ͺ️ Mini Bell Peppers
β–ͺ️ Ground Cumin
β–ͺ️ Chili Powder
β–ͺ️ Light Brown Sugar
β–ͺ️ Smoked Sea Salt

I like my chili more like a soupy/stewy type thing so I added more water…plus it helps to avoid a Burn Notice.

Brown your beef, chicken or turkey…
Add all ingredients to the Instant Pot…
High Pressure 8min – Natural Release

Served with sour cream, Asiago cheese and spring onion.

This made enough for me to freeze 6 servings, put 2 aside to take to Sandy and have a bowl for lunch! Very tasty!

πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ€ 4/5

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