▪️ Instant Pot Pot Roast
▪️ Shrimp & Vegetable Noodle Bowl
▪️ Ginger Duck Noodle Bowl
▪️ Egg, Sausage & Vegetables
▪️ Homemade English Muffins
▪️ Salsa Pork & Mashed Turnip
▪️ Mackerel Cakes & Rainbow Carrots
▪️ Cracked Pepper Paté
▪️ Surf n Turf & Blackeye Peas
▪️ Shrimp Alfredo & Asparagus
▪️ Sesame Ahi Tuna & Jodhpur Dal


I track for myself in Calorie Command and monitor my Macros, esp Carbs, for my Insulin Resistance. Those of you that know me, know how I eat – predominantly whole food, eat the rainbow style. This is this weeks meal highlights.

Due to food Intolerances and autoimmune issues, I do not use sugar free items and very few fat free products (mainly only Greek Yogurt). My week finished yesterday and here is a comparison on how it tracked on both programs. This is not meant to talk poorly about WW, but to highlight how it works very differently for some people, myself included.

Calories – 1585
I had two days you can see I only ate once from not feeling too well and so I was actually under my target for the week.

Macros – Carbs = 119g / 30% (Total, not Net like on Keto)
Hit (and did not exceed) all macros (Protein / Fat / Carbs)


WW PersonalPoints
I have 5 zero proteins + potatoes + rice/quinoa
19 points/day + 28 points/weeklies
I earned +23 vegetable points during the week

TOTAL – Exceeded all dailies and was -132 weeklies
If I hadn’t earned vegetable points, I would have been -155 weeklies

I didn’t eat out…
I didn’t snack…
I didn’t eat unusually for me…
I ate lots of veggies and lean meats…

But not every plan is suited to every person. If I had stayed within my WW points, I would likely have been eating around 900 calories a day. This is why we say you need to find what works for you personally based on how you eat and your lifestyle.

What works for Sara Anne who has rocked it out and been at goal a long time now, most likely wouldn’t work for me. Does that mean her plan or style of eating doesn’t work? Not at all… It’s just not right for me.

It can be an interesting experiment to see the differences… You have to figure out what works for you and not worry about what plan someone else is doing or having success or failure on – you could be exactly the same age, height, fitness and eat the exact same foods and still not lose the same…

It’s a very individual adventure! 😁

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