🐸 Starting Weight: 298.8lbs
🦋 Current Weight: 258.6lbs
APRIL-MAY [-8.4lbs]

This month was a bit better. Still hard and we still had days where it went from 80 degrees to snow – which was just crazy.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow (May 2nd) to run all of my labs and things again. It’s been about 6 months since I have seen her in person.

I got to the point last month that I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital for my blood pressure. I wasn’t able to get an appointment any sooner so I did some digging around and found some old blood pressure medication from a few years ago which I started taking just to see if I could get it to come down out of where it was.

It seems to be working some as I’m now down into more of the 160 / 170 systolic range.

This is what it was before…
This is now…

One of the things that we need to discuss is the possibility that this is coming from heart disease. I don’t know much about my dad’s side of the family but I know that my biological mom had a pacemaker put in in her 40s and two of her sisters died of congestive heart failure in the last few years. So there’s a very real possibility that this is going to be an issue. We will see what my doc says.

My birthday is this week and I was hoping to go to Dollywood for the Flower & Food Festival that I missed last year but I just don’t think that I am feeling up to it. 😭😭😭

I am a little concerned that I may not be able to go to New Zealand next year if this turns out to be a heart issue or I just don’t feel better than I do now but I am going to keep it as a goal and hope that come this time next year things are radically different.

JANUARY 1 – 251.2
FEBRUARY 1 – 247.4
MARCH 1 – 245.2
APRIL 1 – 267.0
MAY 1 – 258.6


🏆 NEXT MINI GOAL: 239.8lbs
🎯 NEXT MILESTONE GOALS: 223.8lbs [-75lbs]

Onderland by May 2023
(Travel back to NZ for 6 months / May – Oct)

▪️ Fit in the Hoodie I bought for New Zealand
▪️ Improve my general health as much as possible
▪️ Increase movement as much as possible
▪️ Discuss with doc starting back at the pool

Goal 1: 273.8lbs (-25lbs) 🏆
Goal 2: 248.8lbs (-50lbs)
Goal 3: 223.8lbs (-75lbs)
Goal 4: 198.8lbs (-100lbs + Onderland!)
Goal 5: 173.8lbs (-125lbs )
Goal 6: 148.8lbs (-150lbs)


If you aren’t familiar with my situation, basically I live with several autoimmune issues… an “inflammatory overstimulation response” brought on by my basic blood cells thinking they are Spartan Warriors and attacking everything in sight.

More information about what is wrong as well as the resources I’m using are here:

[Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or MCAS is my main issue but also fun things like Fibromyalgia, POTS, Histamine Intolerance, Insulin Resistance, Oxalate Sensitivity and on and on… ]

My weight fluctuations are not water weight, not sodium retention and the gains do not go away until the cells calm down and the actual muscle inflammation decreases.

When a flare happens, everything swells – my eyes, my hands/feet, my actual muscle tissue and organs … I can, and have, put on up to 20lbs in a bad flare and this can take 3-4 weeks to lose again.

Foods, chemicals, weather changes, environmental elements… literally, sometimes just existing, fires them up. Some things I can control and otherwise it is a #justkeepswimming kinda life.

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