STAGE 1 – basic color blocking – is done… the idea of Stage 1 is like kindergarten coloring – stay in the lines and put down a basic middle tone color in the right spots but just in 3D…

Things I have learned so far :
▪️ Pushing myself for an hour straight out of the gate because… Just 5 more min…. Maybe not the best idea…
▪️ 2yr old paint requires much, much, much shaking – whew!
▪️ My old lady eyes, even wearing my detail glasses, are certainly not what they used to be…
▪️ My hands are wrecked for high detail work… I will have to do short sessions because the shakes are real and I think, I hope, I have an idea that will compensate somewhat for it… We shall see…

That needs to dry completely now and I’ll start Stage 2 tomorrow…

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