I have not felt well for months now and I have fallen back into a bad habit of eating only one meal a day sometimes and trying to cram all my nutrition goals into that one meal.

And while there are many people who do OMAD (one meal a day) intentionally – I have noticed that larger meals are triggering more heart rate and blood pressure issues for me. Basically your body has to work harder to digest more food and foods of certain types, and in my case, it has to deal with added sensitivities and intolerances as well and I’m just struggling to cope.

So I am going to try an experiment – it may be a few days or a few months, it really just depends on what happens. I am going to go back to a more grazing style of eating – staying within the same calorie and macro goals but breaking it down into 5-6 sittings instead of 1 or 2.

The nerd in me loved the “Hobbit Diet” but it does take far more planning and balancing to stay within macros and most people don’t have the time or ability to eat like that… Since I do, why not try it right? What I’m currently doing is very much not working…


(For reference my resting heart rate is 65-75 but just sitting at the table, within 10min or so of starting to eat it is 120ish and remains near there for several hours if it is a large meal)

The problem with this is my Insulin Resistance… Every time you introduce a new meal or snack, you trigger insulin production. This could make my numbers worse but I’m hoping that by keeping my carbs at the same 35% and adjusting some of my meds, I can keep it under control… We’ll see…

Something has to let up… Maybe between this and a modification to my meds I’ll find some relief. I have pre-planned the day – now let’s just see if I can accomplish it…

One thought on “A NEW GAME PLAN

  1. Marmeder says:

    You do so much to help others. I do use the Hobbit plan and it really helps bc I also have medical complications and I also work nightshift. You are really working hard and I appreciate your efforts.

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