🐸 Starting Weight: 298.8lbs
🦋 Current Weight: 252.6lbs
SEPTEMBER 1 – OCTOBER 1 [+5.4lbs]

This was completely expected. There are quite a few things going on – but first and foremost is that I had a month of eating out much more often than I normally do.

Generally I eat out maybe twice a month but in the last 2½ weeks, I ate out 9 times so between the extra sodium (even though I stayed within my calories) and the fact that we have had a big storm come through and that has created some inflammation, I knew that I was going to see a gain on the scale today.

A lot of this will go away in the next week once the inflammation and sodium have run their course so I’m not at all concerned.

I also did a little bit of number crunching over the last few days to see what was likely to happen about New Zealand. There are 19 months from today until the 1st of May 2024.

If I were to lose 5lbs a month every month between now and then I could be down another 95lbs putting me at 157.6lbs.

This should put me in a very good place for being healthier and more able to do the things that I want to do when I’m there.

Can I lose 5 lbs a month? My history over the last 2 years has said -not consistently- but I think we have finally gotten my meds to a point that if I pull my head in and do what I’m supposed to do, then hopefully I can.

That would mean that at the end of the year I should have lost 15lbs putting me at 237.6lbs. Being 239 or less is my next goal anyway – so I am wanting to be there or under by Jan 1st!

I have started walking at the mall at least a couple times a week and I’m hoping that between sharpening up on my eating and doing this walking I will be able to hit this goal.



JANUARY 1 – 251.2
FEBRUARY 1 – 247.4
MARCH 1 – 245.2
APRIL 1 – 267.0 (Major Autoimmune Flare)
MAY 1 – 258.6
JUNE 1 – 252.4
JULY 1 – 248.0
AUGUST 1 – 243.8
AUGUST 15 – 261.6 (Major Autoimmune Flare)
SEPTEMBER 1 – 247.2
OCTOBER 1 – 252.6

🏆 LEVEL UP MINI GOAL: 239.8 [out of 240s]
🏆 LEVEL UP MINI GOAL: 229.8 [out of 230s]
🎯 NEXT MILESTONE GOALS: 223.8lbs [-75lbs]

198.8 – Onderland by August 2023

▪️ Travel back to NZ for 6 months / May – Oct 2024
▪️ Fit in the Hoodie I bought for New Zealand
▪️ Improve my general health as much as possible
▪️ Increase movement as much as possible

Goal 1: 273.8lbs (-25lbs) 🏆
Goal 2: 248.8lbs (-50lbs) 🏆
Goal 3: 223.8lbs (-75lbs)
Goal 4: 198.8lbs (-100lbs + Onderland!)
Goal 5: 173.8lbs (-125lbs )
Goal 6: 148.8lbs (-150lbs)


If you aren’t familiar with my situation, basically I live with several autoimmune issues… an “inflammatory overstimulation response” brought on by my basic blood cells thinking they are Spartan Warriors and attacking everything in sight.

More information about what is wrong as well as the resources I’m using are here:

[Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or MCAS is my main issue but also fun things like Fibromyalgia, POTS, Histamine Intolerance, Insulin Resistance, Oxalate Sensitivity and on and on… ]

My weight fluctuations are not water weight, not sodium retention and the gains do not go away until the cells calm down and the actual muscle inflammation decreases.

When a flare happens, everything swells – my eyes, my hands/feet, my actual muscle tissue and organs … I can, and have, put on up to 20lbs in a bad flare and this can take 3-4 weeks to lose again.

Foods, chemicals, weather changes, environmental elements… literally, sometimes just existing, fires them up. Some things I can control and otherwise it is a #justkeepswimming kinda life.

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